Pastor Rick Warren travels to Rwanda to celebrate 8 years of PEACE


Pastor Rick Warren addresses the nation of Rwanda on its second annual National Day of Thanksgiving. On Sunday, September 1, thousands of Rwandan gathered at the National Amaroho Stadium and thousands more tuned in online, TV and Radio as Pastor Rick challenged the nation to continue to be a model for the rest of the world.

In less than 20 years after a genocide that took the lives of nearly 1 million Rwandans, Rwanda is a new nation experiencing new hope and prosperity. It is now one of the fastest growing and developing countries in Africa.

In his first international presence since the tragic death of his son, Pastor Rick Warren visited Rwanda because, “Rwanda understands pain, suffering and loss.” Pastor Rick, along with a delegation 38 staff and volunteers, travelled to Rwanda to continue a partnership that started eight years ago. Since 2005, 1,200 members of Saddleback Church have travelled to serve the churches of Rwanda through The PEACE Plan. Today, over 4,000 Rwandan churches have partnered with the PEACE Plan and mobilized thousands of volunteers to serve and invest in their communities.

The PEACE Plan is a church-to-church strategy that uniquely helps the whole person, the whole family for their whole life. To learn more about the PEACE Plan visit

This week, Pastor Rick also hosted five rallies and five Pastor and Leadership Trainings in each of the five districts of Rwanda as well as a youth rally that encouraged 3,000 Rwandans of the next generation to dream.
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Building up Purpose Driven Pastors

Pastors Conference

Over 650 pastors from every denomination in Rwanda join Pastor Rick Warren to learn how to build their church on purpose and restore the nation of Rwanda. Over 200 pastors were recognized for completing a 3 year training on how to be a Purpose Driven Church. View All Photos Here.

Love Like Jesus


Elina Mukantagozera is raising her five biological children and one fostered, orphan child on her own in Kibuye. For many years, Elina and her family lived in poverty, as the children’s father was imprisoned and unable to contribute financially to the home. A Christian since 1987, Elina never felt compelled to be involved in the church beyond attending an occasional worship service. But that changed in 2007, when her local church Continue reading